8 Ways to Wear OOFOS

Three runners wearing OOFOS stick their feet up towards the sky.

Recovery footwear is a tool many runners use to actively recover and keep their feet happy in between runs. OOFOS offers a variety of styles, including sandals, slides, shoes and clogs that reduce pressure on your feet and joints. OOFOS recovery shoes are made with proprietary OOfoam™ technology that absorbs 37% more impact than traditional foam footwear while offering cushion and stability with a footbed that cradles and supports arches.

OOFOS has been spotted on the feet of pro athletes, an Emmy-nominated choreographer and even Emmy Award-winning television host, Guy Fieri. With folks like that behind the brand, it’s hard not to get excited about scoring a pair of OOFOS for yourself. Here are eight ways to wear OOFOS to maximize recovery and comfort.


1. After a race

Any OOFOS style feels amazing after a tough race! Stash a pair in your gear-check bag to slip on after crossing the finish line so you can accelerate recovery while you’re checking out post-race festivities with your running friends and support crew.

2. Post trail running

When your trail run gets muddy (AKA: extra FUN), you might not want to wear your dirty trail running shoes in the car. Easily step into a pair of OOahh Sport Flex slides for the ride home. They feature an adjustable strap for enhanced comfort and fit.

A man puts on his OOFOS sandals before getting in his car.

3. Between relay legs

Relay races with friends are super fun, especially Ragnar Relays thanks to the unique and festive environment. Each runner on the relay team will have downtime to hang in the van or at the campsite between their assigned legs, so this is a great time to wear a pair of Men’s OOmg Sport Shoe or Women’s OOmg Mesh Low sneaker-style. The supportive footbed, plus a little extra protection for your feet, is perfect for shuffling around in the dark at transition zones and port-a-potties.

4. For injury prevention or rehab

If you have plantar fasciitis, it’s best to wear shoes with a supportive footbed as soon as you get out of bed, as this is when the pain is typically the greatest. The OOriginal Sandal will get you through your morning routine pain-free.

5. Around the house

A pair of fuzzy OOCoozie slippers.

Some podiatrists do not recommend walking barefoot at home for many reasons, including lack of support, protection and hygiene. Ditch standard slippers–treat your feet to the Men’s OOcoozie and Women’s OOcoozie Mule slip-on styles and the Women’s OOcoozie Low with a secure heel. Not your average house slipper, these provide much-needed arch support and fuzzy comfort thanks to the warm, vegan-sherpa uppers.

6. On a camping trip

After a long day of adventures, the only thing that feels better than sitting next to the campfire is freeing your feet from shoes or boots. Even if you’re in charge of setting up camp, getting comfy doesn’t have to wait. Slip into the OOahh Slide. They’re lightweight, feel great underfoot and you can wear them with socks for added coziness when the evening air is crisp.

7. On a beach vacation

Ladies, this one's for you. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The Women's Oolala Sandal features the same cushioned foam with a streamlined footbed for narrower feet. Go classic with solid colors that match all your outfits, or spice up your look with OOlala Sandal - Limited Edition styles and OOlala Luxe Sandals with hand-painted designs.

8. Between pedicures

A runner wearing a pair of OOFOS OOcloogs.

We’ve all heard stories about how unsightly runners’ feet can be, from sock tans and thick calluses to blisters and missing toenails. When feet are looking a little rough, we love the OOcloog Clog. These comfy clogs are unisex, so if your feet are on the narrow side, you may prefer pairing your clogs with cushioned socks to enhance the fit.

Pro Tip: Running in the wrong shoe size is the primary cause of toenail damage. Head to your closest Fleet Feet outfitter and find your perfect fit.

OOFOS recovery footwear is super versatile. You can wear these styles anytime, anywhere for cushioned comfort, impact absorption and arch support. They’re easy to care for, too! All OOFOS can be machine-washed in cold water and air dried in a cool spot, making it a cinch to keep your recovery shoes looking good all of the time.


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